Create Professional Video Proposals! That Captures Your Clients’ Attention and Engages them to Act!

Introducing a cutting-edge system to close 100% of your prospects, using this new technology of Business Proposals! What used to take our customers ten minutes to do for one prospect, can now be done for two hundred prospects in less than a minute!

The most effective way to close your deals. Now you can send your clients a video proposal that they can review, decide, and esign. They keep a copy of the proposal and you keep a copy for your records.


Most businesses want to get their contracts signed, safely, and securely but don’t know how to get them done. They are still asking their clients to print out contracts, sign them, scan them, and email them back. What a Mess! 

It’s time to take your proposals to the next level.

Putting together all the moving parts of a quality business proposal is a tedious process and can be a pain, especially if it’s not done right. There are just too many moving parts to keep track of, and the chances of a tiny mistake causing huge issues are extremely high.


Take Your Video Proposals To New Heights!

Our platform was built for local businesses who need a faster way to prepare, send, and get their proposals signed. Below are just a few benefits of using our Video Proposal Platform!

  • Saves you time to focus on your business.

  • Sends personalized video proposals to your prospects.

  • Prospects can review, decide, and esign your proposals.

  • Both parties will have a binding signed proposal.

  • Keeps track of all your proposals and much more…

Win the Sales War: Harness the Power of Video Proposals to Outperform Your Competition!