Let’s Be Honest!

There are a variety of marketing strategies for your business, products, or services. However, owning your own television channel is the most effective way to reach millions of viewers 24/7!

It’s Time To Take Your Marketing
To The Next Level

Owning your own television channel will enhance your business, organization, products, and services. It wasn’t until recently that businesses, organizations and others could even afford to promote their products and services on television! Let’s face it, with the rise of the cord-cutting movement of cable, OTT (Over The Top) TV is now mainstream.

If we are being honest, YouTube has over a billion viewers on their platform and there are others. The 2 Fellas Network, LLC is not telling you to stop using YouTube, Vimeo, or any other platform.

We just want to make you aware of the benefits of owning your own television channel.

  • It will increase your audience and ensure that they are looking at your business, organization, products, or services. You don’t have to worry about them seeing your competitors, because it is your channel and you control the content.
  • Upload your videos that you already have on other platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, ect., to your channel.
  • Live stream your own television show across multiple platforms, even YouTube, Facebook and others simultaneously.
  • Schedule your programs or shows between your associates.
  • Monetize your channel, so that you can increase your revenue.

If you are serious  about the marketing of your business, organization, non-profit, fraternities, sororities, churches, products, or services then you need your own television channel.

Your channel will have the potential of being seen by millions all across the city, state, country, and even globally. So just because you have a YouTube Channel and posting your videos to Facebook it should never stop you from seeking more exposure to your brand.

Think about your brand being on the largest streaming platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, just to name a few. This is the largest and fastest-growing method of marketing that exists today. Regardless of your industry, you deserve your own television channel. This is the right time!

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