Welcome Independent
Film Makers

to “The 2 Fellas Network, LLC”!  We are Over The Top (OTT), Streaming, and On-Demand, TV Channel Developers on the ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV platforms.  We have developed the “Independent Film Makers Network TV Channel” (IFN – TV) on the ROKU and Amazon Fire TV platforms for the Film Makers who need an avenue to showcase and promote their film(s) to potentially millions of viewers.

We can create a television channel on one or all of the largest streaming platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chrome Cast, just to name a few.  Together, these streaming platforms have millions of active viewers globally and are steadily growing.

Ask yourself, how would this help increase viewership of your film or films?

Don’t Miss Out!

on our special “Introductory Prices” for the next two months!  We are offering all independent Film Makers an opportunity to get their film(s) on our network and potentially have them seen by millions of viewers globally!  Join our network within the next two months, and you will be “Grandfathered In” for an additional six months at our introductory prices!  Joining now will also allow you to reap the benefits of future specials and upgrades!

We understand that most independent film makers are showcasing their film(s) on their YouTube or Vimeo Channels.  We have the capability to promote your film(s) across multiple platforms simultaneously, including the current hosting.  We are offering an astounding flat monthly fee for all your film(s) for the next two months!  The prices below are based on one platform, (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire TV etc.) including the platform that you are currently using today!

This cost will be the same for each additional platform that you choose to add.

Here is how it all breaks down.

  1. Short Film – 30 minutes or below – introductory cost is $250.
  2. Full Film – over 30 minutes – introductory cost is $500.

The above-mentioned film(s) shall remain the property of the film maker.  The 2 Fellows Network, LLC shall in no way be held responsible for the film’s content nor will we own any rights to the film.

Once your film(s) is (are) accepted, it (they) will be displayed on the Independent FilmMakers Network TV, 24/7.  This will potentially maximize your viewership and have your film(s) on display for even Global exposure!  EPIC!!!!!

Maybe you would rather have YOUR OWN TV CHANNEL!!  We can help with that too!!  Click on the “Contact Us” button below to find out how easy, prestigious and affordable it is!!  YOUR OWN TV CHANNEL!!  DROP THE CAMERA!! (LOLOL)

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