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Welcome to The 2 Fellas Network, LLC, we are Streaming Television Channel Developers based out of Chesapeake, Virginia.

We created our network after seeing how ineffective today’s marketing for businesses has become. There is a disconnect between what businesses pay for advertising and what they receive.

Most businesses are spending their advertising dollars on social media, YouTube, Google Ads, and a host of other platforms. However, they are only getting a small percentage of customers to their doors that spend money on their products or services. Well, this seems to be the norm, and they seem to think that they must settle for the small number of customers that they are receiving.

Well, we do not believe that this is the case, so we set out to give them an affordable alternative for their marketing dollars.  We believe that businesses should have their potential customers looking only at their products and services.  Therefore, they should consider having their own television channel.  The old ways of marketing your business is fading at a rapid pace.

It seems more people today would rather stream their channels than watch traditional television.  This is where we come into the picture.  We create television channels on the largest platforms in today’s arena of streaming television.  They are Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Apple TV, and Chromecast, which currently have over 120 million active viewers globally.

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